Wednesday, 27 July 2011



‘They teach us there must be a boundary line in our lives.
 But man, there’s no boundary line to music.’

Derry, Northern Ireland: there are plenty of ghettos around the world, all of them with their own injustice, each of them living on its knees.  There is one ghetto condemned to something even worse: it has forgotten its music.  It’s The Fountain, in the heart of the city: once a vibrant community, where people used to dance together despite religious differences, now a disappearing Protestant neighborhood killed by fear and politics and turned into an open air prison, now living behind a fence.
Roy Arbuckle, a musical troubadour, decides it’s time to challenge one of the monstrosities left by the war in Northern Ireland: fear. He wants to reunite his former showband, The Signetts and his formers musicians, nowadays in their seventies, that lived the heady glamour of the Show band era, in a high-risk attempt to try to do something that would be normal anywhere else but not yet in Northern Ireland: having a major dance night, inviting their old enemies and get Protestants and Catholics dancing together. If it wasn’t enough, for this event Roy wants to open up the stronghold of Protestant heritage and culture in Derry: the Memorial Hall, once the most popular dance hall in the heart of the city.
A colorful, melancholic and ironic musical journey through a ghetto that, even if it find itself in its last dance, it doesn’t want to miss a single step of it.  Let’s save pessimism for better times. 

Official Selection, Mid Ulster Film Festival (UK)
Official Selection, Monterrey International Film Festival (Mexico)
Guest screening as Successful Pitch at Documentary in Europe, Bardonecchia (Italy)
Official Selection, Slow film Festival (Hungary)
Official Selection, Global Cinema Film Festival, (India)
Official Selection, Dhaka International Film Festival (Bangladesh)
Official Selection, Wurzburg International Film Festival (Germany)
Official Selection, ViBGYOR Film Festival-2010 (India)
Official Selection,  Piemonte Movie Film Festival (Italy)
Official Selection, Cape Winelands Film Festival (South Africa)
Official Selection, Arcipelago Rome Film Festival (Italy)
Official Selection, River Film Festival (Italy)
Official Selection, Iasi International Film Festival, Bucarest  (Romania)

Official Selection, Chichester Film Festival (England)
Official Selection, Molise Cinema Festival (Italy)
Official Selection, Ljubljana Documentary Festival (Slovenia)
Official Selection Romania, International Film Festival (Romania)
Official Selection, Petaluma International Film Festival (USA)
Official Selection, Istanbul International Documentary Festival (Turkey)
Official Selection, Salford International Film Festival (England)
Official  Selection, We The People Film Festival (London, UK)
Official Selection, Kathmandu International Film Festyival (Nepal)
Official Selection, DocuCity Film Festival, Milan (Italy)
Official Selection, Boston Irish Film Festival, Boston (USA)
Official Selection Alanya Film Festival (Turkey)
Official Selection Novi Sad Human Rights Film Fest VIVISECT (Serbia)
                   Official Selection Festival of Nations (Austria)
Official Selection Ischia Film Festival, (Italy)
Official Selection, Palermo Sole Luna Film Festival (Italy)


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